How to access

How do you access your GuardaTot?

Very easy, you just have to follow these steps.


Access from street

Enter your access code and access the loading and unloading area.

Load and unloading area.

Use the trolleys to move your objects.

Storage Room access

Enter you access code and access to the Storage Rooms area.

Look your number

Open your padlock and storage your objects.


Press the button to open the doors. Keep an eye on the exit that nobody gets into the Storage Rooms area.

More than

Storage rooms

Of various sizes and video surveillance at your disposal.

Social Networks

Start today

Its very easy, fast and economical.

Facilities of our storage rooms

GuardaTot allows you to choose a private storage room from 1m² for a minimum of 7 days, with more than 10 different sizes. You change your storage room whenever you want, with 24 hour access 365 days a year and you have a private parking area with ample space for loading and unloading.

If you’re not satisfied,

we will return your money.

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