Rules of internal procedure

Important Information

Access times to the GuardaTot storage rooms Centre

The access hours will be from Monday to Sunday from 00:00 to 24:00 in all centers except Molins de Rei and Santa Perpetua, which are from Monday to Sunday from 07:00 to 23:00.

Contact GuardaTot storage rooms:

How to enter and exit the centre

  • To enter the loading and unloading area by the sectional door (automatic) for vehicles or via the pedestrian door by entering your access code using the keypad.
  • To exit, press the unlocking buttons close to the doors, which automatically opens the sectional door.

How to access the storage room

You have right of access only to the storage room with the contract number. To enter the storage room open the padlock with your access code. Remember to lock the padlock on leaving your storage room.

Security system operation

At the Centre there is an intruder security system that automatically activates and deactivates. It is deactivated when you insert your access code. It is activated when there is no activity inside (the presence sensors in the corridors and loading and unloading area do not detect staff) after 5 minutes.

CCTV system operation

The Centre has a CCTV system which records access and movement through the corridors 24 hours a day. The images are recorded and stored for 30 days for possible claims.

Operation of lighting

The lighting system is switched on by presence sensors in the loading and unloading area, and corridors. Only the lights in your corridor will come on. There are no sensors inside the storage rooms. If the system fails there are autonomous blocks indicating the emergency exit.

Regulations and fire control system

For safety reasons smoking is prohibited in the installations. Tampering with the fire equipment at the Centre is prohibited. Goods cannot be stored if they obstruct the fire detection systems.

Materials prohibited inside the Centre

  • Food, perishable goods, birds, fish or other living beings, combustibles or flammable materials, liquids such as petrol, oil, solvents, etc. toxic, hazardous or oily materials, as well as any illegal substance or articles obtained illegally, and any other object or goods that are prohibited by the applicable legislation.
  • Money, jewellery, metals and other precious objects.
  • Firearms.
  • It is expressly prohibited to use the accesses to the storage rooms for parking.

Standards for storage

  • Place your possessions such that they maintain a stable equilibrium and do not damage the walls, floor or ceiling, and that they do not prevent the use of the communication lines, fire detection and ventilation.
  • Leave accesses to the Centre and corridors clear.
  • Do not exceed the height limits of the storage room, marked by the protective grid.
  • Leave used trolleys in the designated places.
  • It is not permitted to drill holes in the walls of the storage.

In case of emergency

Exit according to the emergency plan, following the indications of the luminous panels and emergency exits in the building.

In case of technical problems

If you are unable to locate the staff of Trasters Guarda Tot, SL in the centre telephone (0034) 930 11 40 17 o al (00376) 81 74 81.

Facilities of our storage rooms

GuardaTot allows you to choose a private storage room from 1m² and for a minimum of 7 days, with more than 10 different sizes. The customer may change the storage room whenever they wish, with 24 hour access 365 days a year, and we also have a large area for private parking and for loading and unloading.

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