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General queries

1 - What is self-storage or storage rooms?

GUARDATOT provides private storage hire of different sized storage rooms to all its customers, so that they can store goods inside, with the client themselves managing their own storage for as long as they need it.

2 - Can I change storage room?

As often as you like and without penalty.

3 - How can I access and lock the storage room?

Access is via the vehicle barrier or pedestrian door by entering your access code, the storage room door is padlocked with the same code as your access code. On exiting press the buttons and the door will open automatically.

4 - Do I have a free trial?

You have a free trial period of 14 days. If you do not require the storage room after this period, you can deregister and we will return your deposit.

5 - Are the storage rooms secure?

The centre has civil liability insurance which also covers the contents of the storage rooms. The price of hire includes insurance of any goods deposited in the storage room of 500€/m². You can increase the value of your assets stored up to 4,000€/storage room with a surcharge (contact assegurances@guardatot.com )

6 - What dimensions are the doors of the storage rooms?

The access doors to the storage rooms have a width of 0.8m to 1.2m.

7 - How do I put goods into the Storage rooms?

GUARDATOT provides trolleys, handcarts, pallet trucks… to make storage easier.

8 - Can I put in shelves?

Yes. But you cannot hang anything on the walls.

9 - Is there any kind of prohibition or restriction on storage?

Yes. Food, perishable goods, birds, fish or other living beings, combustibles or flammable materials, liquids such as petrol, oil, solvents, etc. toxic, hazardous or oily materials, as well as any illegal substance or articles obtained illegally, and any other object or goods that are prohibited by the applicable legislation. Money, jewellery, metals and other precious objects. Firearms. It is expressly prohibited to use the accesses to the storage rooms for parking.

10 - What is the timetable for accessing the storage rooms?

24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

11 - What security has the Centre?

At GuardaTot we have CCTV that records the entrances and corridors 24 hours a day. We also have an intrusion control system connected to the alarm centre.

12 - In case of technical problems?

Call (0034) 931 98 34 05 for any problems at centres in Spain and (00376) 81 74 81 for any problems at centres in Andorra.

13 - Where can I find information or resolve doubts or needs?

In office hours, telephone number 930 11 40 17 and email info@guardatot.com

14 - How do I cancel my storage subscription?

To request the cancellation of the contract, empty your storage room.
The same day, send us an email or WhatsApp message with the following information:

– Address and number of your storage space.
– Full name or company name of the contract holder.
– Attach a photo where we can see the storage completely empty.

Questions about the contracting

1 - How do you hire a Storage Trastero?

Following the steps indicated in the web. Contact us, we will look at your requirements and contract signatures. From this moment on you can use it.

2 - What does the contract consist of?

The particular conditions (where we specify the conditions for each storage room), the general terms and conditions of use.

3 - How can I cancel my contract?

You can cancel by giving us 1 day’s notice with no penalty.

4 - What is the deposit?

This is a deposit for covering all possible infringements, which will be returned if there have been no incidents.

5 - Are there more expenses?

No. Only the agreed price for the service.

6 - What happens if there is a delay in payment?

The procedure is explained in the general terms and conditions of the Contract.

7 - How long is the contract?

The minimum duration is 1 day. The contracts are renewed monthly. To withdraw from the rental agreement no notice is required.

8 - Refund of money

If you are not satisfied we will return your money. You have a 14 day trial period.

9 - Are there internal rules for accessing and using the centre?

Yes. They are attached to the contract and posted on the wall of the centre.

Facilities of our storage rooms

GuardaTot allows you to choose a private storage room from 1m² and for a minimum of 7 days, with more than 10 different sizes. The customer may change the storage room whenever they wish, with 24 hour access 365 days a year, and we also have a large area for private parking and for loading and unloading.

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